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Afternoon Light

Prices below are an estimate... Depending on your current hair and goals, the price may very. I will be 100% transparent with you! I will customize your hair color with your lifestyle and budget in mind to make you feel as comfortable as possible. The prices below do include a blow-dry style, gloss, hand massage, neck massage, and a thorough consultation. You can add on a haircut for $33.

Blonding Services 


Every day I am Hustling 

This experience is using the normal "accent highlight." This is to add slight dimension, and the perfect maintenance appointment for in between appointments. This does includes a  toner and a blow-dry style. 

Lived in Blonde/Bronde 

This is a customized color results with partial pockets. (Known as a partial) With my partial this is not just part of your head, but melts everywhere. This does include a toner and Blow-dry.

Full Lived in Blonde/Bronde 

This is commonly a full covered Balayage and Foilayage. This prolongs your hair color and give customized natural results. This does include a toner and Blow-dry.


The Whole Damn Thing 

You want the WHOLE ordeal! For the full foil we will be doing the whole head to achieve desired and blended results. Depending on the density of the hair, it is intricate placement from top to bottom. This is usually for individuals that wear their hair up a lot. Also, includes a toner and blow-dry style.

I Want it All 

You want everything I got? This is your FULL foil and root touch up. This will give you maximum results. This includes a blow dry and toner as well. 

All Over Color 

Where are my girls at that want to have a cohesive look? This usually consists of 1 color throughout the hair to bring natural results. This will also include a blow-dry style.

Wisdom Hair


Just the Base 

For my ladies with the wisdom hairs that want to cover those little guys up. This is a customized formula for your hair base to blend back to your color on the ends. Includes a blow dry style as well.

Pop it Like it's Hot 


You want a little pop and dimension to your typical wisdom (grey) hair coverage ? This is the plan for you! This covers all your wisdom hair with little pops of highlights to give dimension. This includes a toner and blow dry as well. 

A Little Bit of this a Little Bit of that


Do you need a little bit of everything? This is your traditional partial with wisdom (grey) coverage. This is a low maintenance way of not having one solid color. You can do this every 3rd visit after doing your roots. This will make sure everything is cohesive and blended. This includes a blow dry and toner as well. 

White Plants


Cut, Treat, Style 

Extra Short Cut: $25 ( Pixie cuts, Clipper Cuts, Men's cuts. Anything involving very short hair)

Medium/Long Cut: $45 ( Customized Haircut )

Blow out: $35 Do you have a special event or just not feeling like washing and styling your hair? I'll do it!

Special Occasion Updo $75+ Bridal trials, bride day of, bridesmaids, mother of the groom/bride , general special occasion upstyle.

All cut, treat, and style services include a full consultation & luxury shampoo experience! 


A la Carte

Brow wax: $15
Lip/Chin wax: $15
Stand alone gloss: $60
*If we need extra color it is $5 a bowl

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